What is IDCT?

IDCT is an investigational injectable disc cell therapy that utilizes proprietary Discogenic Cells to offer an off-the-shelf, non-surgical treatment for mild to moderate degenerative disc disease.

What are Discogenic Cells?

Discogenic Cells are highly specialized therapeutic progenitor cells that have been engineered from donated adult human intervertebral disc tissue to uniquely address the complex environment of the degenerated disc.

Discogenic Cells are reproducibly manufactured in a highly regulated cGMP environment and subjected to extensive testing, including identity, purity, potency and safety evaluations prior to use.

How is IDCT administered?

During study treatment, a single dose of IDCT is injected into the painful disc percutaneously (non-surgically).

How does IDCT work?

Based on preclinical experience with IDCT, it is hypothesized that the result will be reduced pain and disability. Discogenic Cells are believed to possess the key regenerative and anti-inflammatory properties of mesenchymal stem cells (MSCs) as well as the ability to normalize disc architecture, regenerate new disc tissue and restore disc height when injected into a degenerated disc.