Preliminary Criteria Met

Thank you for your interest in the IDCT trial and for completing the questionnaire. Based on your responses, you have met the preliminary criteria for the study.

If you would like a representative from DiscGenics to contact you regarding possible participation in the trial, please complete the form below. Your representative will confirm your continued interest in the study, answer any questions you may have about what is involved and obtain your permission to share your information with the local IDCT trial site.

By speaking with representatives from DiscGenics and/or an IDCT trial site, you are under no obligation to join the study and only your local study site can determine whether or not you may be eligible to join the study.

Please note: your contact information and your qualification status will only be used for the purposes of following up with you to discuss your potential involvement in the study and will not be associated with your answers to the questionnaire or used for any other purpose.

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